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▲ Our History
At Tradesparq our mission is to drive trust and transparency in international trade. We do this by offering a marketplace for buyers, suppliers and trade service providers to find and verify each other. We differ from other trade marketplaces by helping our members use their online relationships, member reviews and actual shipment history to find the most suitable and reliable trade partners.
▲ Our Product
1. Shipment PRO-only U Simport data
2. Shipment Global:-19 countries import data
3. Shipment Global Plus-26 countries import data and 2 export data
4. Shipment Luxury-all online data
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▲ Product Application
Trading company, manufacture, bank,consulting services company, sourcing company, financial company, logistic company etc.
▲ Production Market
80% VIP members from North America,15% from Europe and South America,5% from Asia
▲ Our Honor
▲ Our Service
Tradesparq lets you search through millions of products in thousands of categories, quickly see whether any of the suppliers can be referred by your network, check whether they have been reviewed by other members, and verify their activity through shipment records. In addition to Tradesparq’s great service, we also help our members promote their products and verify each other through advanced paid features.
We can arrange demo for your reference before you subscribe the package. Any question, please don't hesitate to let me Eurasian Railway Transit
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