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Cartridge Fire Extinguisher wholesale

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Safety Plus Industrial Co., Ltd established in China; it has since evolved from external cartridge fire extinguisher into a specialized manufacturer of firefighting equipment. With over decades of experience in the field of fire fighting industry, safety plus always strived to provide the top standard products and services to the customers.
External cartridge fire extinguisher is easy maintenace type and high reliable extinguisher with superior fire fighting performance. Equiped with external cartridge, ideal for offshore and mining industries. Dry powder and foam type available. Dry powder cartridge extinguisher suitable for Class A,B,C&electrical fire. Foam extinguisher suitable for Class A&B fires.
external  Cartridge fire extinguisher
Cartridge fire extinguisher
Features and Advantages
1. ISO 9001 quality management system certified, CE approved.
2. Available for extinguisher charged with powder and foam.
3. Powder extinguisher multipurpose for class A, B & C and electrical hazards. Foam extinguisher suitable for Class A, Class B fire.
4. Anti-Corrosive epoxy polyester internal coating for foam type.
5.  Equiped with external cartridge, pressured with nitrogen gas, tested no leakage.
6. Easy maintenance of equipments.
7. High reliability, superior firefighting performance.
Model No.SP01-05-6PSP01-05-9PSP01-05-6LSP01-05-9L
Agent6kg 40% ABC chemical powder9kg 40% ABC chemical powder6L Premix-3% AFFF9L Premix-3% AFFF
Cartridge typeexternal cartridgeexternal cartridgeexternal cartridgeexternal cartridge
Working pressure12bar12bar12bar12bar
Test pressure30bar30bar30bar30bar
Out diameter160mm183mm160mm183mm
Full weight11.2kg15kg11.9kg15.6kg
Discharge Time Approx.(second) >32s>40s>39s>54s
Fire rating27A/183B/C34A/233B/C21A/144B27A/183B
Operating temperature-30℃-+60℃-30℃-+60℃+5℃-+60℃+5℃-+60℃
External cartridge dry powder fire extinguisher used for class A, class B, class C, and live electrical fires.
External cartridge foam type fire extinguishers suitable for fighting class A and fire class B fires.
Ideal for ereas where easy maintenance of equipments is requested, such as chemical, power generation, petro-chemical, mining, oil and gas, aviation etc.
OEM service: We provide OEM service and customization for products, lables.
Full information provided: We provide specification catalogue, pictures, vidioes etc for choosing best products.
After sale service: Supervision of loading. Guidance of application.
1. How many piece of MOQ?
A: No minimum order limited. We accept small order.
2. Can you print lable by our design?
A: Of cause. We have OEM service for global clients.
3. What's your payment term and delivery term?
A: Our payment term is 50% T/T in advance, the balance after production. L/C is accepted.
In Safety Plus, we live by the spirit of delivering values to customer through superior customer service and top quality products. Adapting international standard on strict control of work and System, safety plus factory certified by ISO 9001. Furthermore our entire range of products are certified by EN3, UL, SABS, PED, LPCB etc.Cartridge Fire Extinguisher wholesale
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