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Construction Safety Netting in stock

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Our History     
Shandong Xinyu Geosynthetics Engineering Co.,Ltd. is located in Dezhou city,China.
Our company has dedicated to the research and development,production,application of geosynthetic material,filtration materials,composite materials,building waterproof material.We are a pointing geosynthetic sentinel manufacturer,sentinel producing enterprise of State Ministry of Water Resources Water- saving Association.
Our Factory
Registered capital;RMB120 million,existing 400 employees,including 100 various types of professional and technical staff,occupied areas of 200000 square meters.and there are more than 20 advanced production line,and more than 100 people professional construction team,Shandong Xinyu Geosynthetics Engineering Co.,Ltd. set research and development,production,service as  a whole.It is the modern science and technology innovation enterprise which provide the overall solutions.
Our Product
We can produce geotextile,geomembrane,composite geomembrane,GCL,geogrid,geomat.geocell,composite waterproofing sheet,geocomposite drainage,and all our products adopted national standards,checked and accepted by the National and Provincial Technology Supervision Bureau by testing samples.The applied standard level reached international standard.
Product Application
These products are widely used for waterproofing in water conservancy, transportation, landscape, garbage disposal, tailing disposal and salty lake, and are also used in engineering infrastructure of expressway and railway,reservoir,headwater channel,mineral field disposal,preventing leakage of red mud field of diamond mine and salt lake preventing seepage,landfill,as well as sewage treatment,tunnel seepage,and dam construction projects.we also made a positive contribution and played an important role in State’s key water diversion project---South to North water diversion project.
Our Certificate
Our products have obtained ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certificate and ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certificate. Now our production and sales systems are standard.
Production Equipment
1. Automatic geocell welding production line
2. Coating production line
3. Bentonite waterproof blanket production line
4. Gabion net production line
5. Filter material production line
6. Geotextile production line
7. Woven geotextile production line
8. Rubber flat vulcanizing machine
9. Filament spunbond non woven geotextile production line
10. High tensile strength geotextile production line
11. Biaxial geogrid production line
12. Drainage board production line
13. Geonet production line
14. Warp knitting production line
15. Steel plastic production line
Production Market
We have long term cooperating clients all over the world, such as Tanzania, South Africa, Middle East, Korea,Japan, Australia, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal ,Indonesia,  UK, Malaysia, Mongolia.
Our service
We are not only the geosynthetics product's factory,also have own trading company,to ensure our global service.our factory pay more attention to the exporting,as this is a way to help us to know more about the global market trend and improve our factory,update our products.
So we have not only the  rich knowledge about the products themselves,also the rich experienced in exporting,such as the payment terms, documents for customs clearance  ,export process and other file for import.
We have the Product Quality Control Center with the professional staff and advanced inspection and test equipment,which will keep the strict control from raw material inspection,quality control in the production process and delivery inspection for the finished products,ensure the ex-factory products are all qualified.
We ensure to provide the good quality and short delivery time for customers and regard the sale-after services.We have perfect and fast-feedback service system and professionals.
we have the relative customer service department equipped with more than 140 sets of excellent machinery equipments.We have more than 100 professional construction staff  who trained by the peofessional department and posses certificates and provided technical instruction in the project,help customer design construction method and offer  free technical training and guide at site.
            Construction Safety Netting in stock
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